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          RKG Logo training-ITBiz
          RKG Logo
          幸运彩票手机版官网 Courses Fees Schedule REGISTER NOW Corporate Training Locations
          Microsoft Office Tools
          Adobe Acrobat Courses
          SharePoint Training
          Microsoft Dynamics
          Social Media Courses
          Project Management
          Application Devp Tools
          Oracle Developer Tools
          Data Warehouse & BI
          Data Base & System Admin
          Programming Languages
          Reporting Tools
          Networking & Security
          Web Technologies
          Medical Records
          Business Skills
          ERP Training
          Corporate Training On-Site
          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
          About Training Courses
          About Course Fee
          About Training Schedule
          About Instructors
          About Certification
          About Locations
          About Training Courses:
          Q 1: What are the IT training courses conducted?
          Answer: We provide Microsoft Tools, Adobe, Data Bases, Social Media, Oracle Developer Tools, Business Skills, ERP Training, System Administration, ETL, Business Applications, Project Management, Reporting tools, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Networking and several Job Oriented IT courses.
          Q 2: Do you provide class room and on-line training?
          Answer: Yes. We provide both Class room and Instructor-led On-line E-Learning training. On-Line training is conducted by the instructor utilizing interactive gotomeeting technology. On-Line classes are interactive, live telecast of the class room session. Computer with broadband connectivity is the requirement to attend On-Line E-Learning sessions.
          Q 3: What is the length of the course for each module?
          Answer: Most of the courses are conducted on Weekdays, Weekends and also on evenings. Duration of the courses also vary depending on the course. Please see the course duration and course contents on each course page for more details.
          Q 4: Do you provide system access and Study Material?
          Answer: Yes. We provide system access for most of our courses and also provide study material.
          About Course Fee:
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          Q 1: What is the course fee?
          Answer: Please see course fee details on the Fees page.
          Q 2: Method of Payment for the Course Fee?
          Answer: We accept Credit Cards, debit cards and Checks. Enroll On-line is easy and simple.
          About Training Schedule:
          Q 1: What is the training schedule?
          Answer: We provide training during Weekdays, Weekends and also on Evenings. Please see Training schedules published on our web site.
          About Instructors:
          Q 1: Can you give details of your instructors’ teaching experience?
          Answer: Most of our instructors are certified and have several years of teaching experience. These instructors are working in major Fortune 1000 companies as consultants / employees and teach their respective courses. They are passionate about teaching and spreading their knowledge and we encourage our students to benefit from class room or on-line interactions with these subject matter experts.
          Q 2: Do we get any guidance or help from the instructors when we prepare for Certification?
          Answer: Yes. Our experienced instructors will help you with certification details during the training period. Our instructors are also accessible after the completion of the training for students who need help or for any questions.
          About Certification:
          Q 1: Do you provide any guidance for IT Courses Certification?
          Answer: Yes, we do. We provide all guidance required for your IT Course Certification and our experienced instructors will help you with all certification details.  
          About Locations:
          Q 1: Can you provide details of your training facilities?
          Answer: We have state-of-the-art training facilities with all modern training equipment required for conducting both class room and On-Line E-Learning training. Our training facility is conveniently and centrally located near major freeways in Irvine, Orange County in Southern California and close to airport, restaurants, hotels and other facilities.  
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          Q 2: What is the address of your training facilities?
          Answer: 18008 Sky Park Circle, Suite # 100, Irvine, CA 92614.
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          For further information call 949-387-3772 or FAX 949-681-8247 or email to info@
          SONU Training is the training wing of RKG Technologies Inc
          Disclaimer: RKG Technologies is not linked with Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, IBM or any other software company we provide training
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